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Toronto Real Estate and Condo Services

Real Estate Investment

The areas of real estate I focus on are low rise development and condo investment.

Low Rise Development

I find more and more of my time being taken with low rise development projects. I really like this area of real estate because of how I feel about Toronto. I am working on some exciting new ways for clients to get involved in this real estate market.

Condos are a little different.

Buying a condo can be more complicated than buying a single family home. A Toronto condo investment is an investment into a corporation. You are in essence buying shares that have exclusive use of a unit in the building and shared use of the common areas.

After your first buy with me you will be able to walk through the process yourself. I have a few clients that have become real estate agents; I encouraged them every step of the way I feel like it’s a great profession.

Pre-construction condos are also different.

Many realtors that work in the resale real estate market do not have experience in pre-construction condos. I have done a lot of client deals, but I have also done a lot of deals where I get units for clients referred by other real estate agents. We work on a shared commission rate and I provide my expertise to their clients.

I will accompany you to the developer’s office or sales center and act as your representative when you are negotiating with the developer’s real estate professional. I will handle the paperwork – keeping it simple and clean all at no cost to you.

I am always paid by the seller, but I have a duty to act in your best interest.

It’s a pretty good position to be in and has helped me build great relationship with my clients. They pay for me, I act for you.